When it’s used thoughtfully, typography is a powerful brand tool that can reflect or expand on the meaning of what we’re communicating. Our brand’s typography is, clean, stylish, and flexible for a wide range of situations.


Line spacing, called leading, should be set tight, but not too tight. In most cases, try leading that’s two or three points higher than the type point size.

  • Leading that’s too loose leaves too much pause between lines.
  • Leading that’s too tight leaves too little pause between lines.
  • When leading is correct, the reader won’t even notice.


Correct letter spacing, called tracking, should always be set between 0 and 10, since Gotham Narrow is slightly condensed and needs a little room to breathe. Optical kerning should be used when it's available.

  • Tracking that’s too loose leaves too much space between letters.
  • Tracking that’s too tight leaves too little space between letters.
  • When tracking is correct, the reader won’t even notice.

Sample Settings

These examples should not be viewed as rigid rules, but as loose guidelines to point you in the right direction.

Notice the extreme contrast between the two typefaces. The widely-spaced sans serif set in all-caps has a light and airy feel compared to the bold counterpart.

within us.
Here, you’re more than a chemistry major.

At the University of Richmond, we recognize that each student arrives here with talent, passion, and a sense of self. And through our first-of-its-kind school for leadership studies, we amplify those qualities and direct them toward a promising future of purposeful work.