Primary Logo Set

Our logos are the most important and recognizable element of our brand’s identity. They represent our organization to the outside world, identifying and unifying our brand. All communications from the University of Richmond must bear the appropriate institutional logo. 

Shield Logos

The University of Richmond shield is our primary logo and should be used to establish brand consistency. It is the preferred mark to use on all communications and should be used whenever possible to represent the University as a whole.

University of Richmond Shield

UR Shield

This version of the logo is intended for the wider public, not familiar with the University. It clearly distinguishes it as the University and not just the city. Do not use at small sizes where the type becomes illegible. (see Shield Logo Usage)

Richmond Shield

Richmond Shield

For individuals familiar with the University, such as students, staff, faculty, and alumni, it’s okay to use this simplified version since the audience is already familiar with the institution. This logo also works best at small sizes since it is less detailed.

University Wordmark

The University wordmark should be used in situations where the preferred shield logos would be too small to be legible.

University of Richmond stacked wordmark with shield
University of Richmond wordmark with shield
University of Richmond stacked wordmark
University of Richmond wordmark
Richmond wordmark