Spirit Logos

The spider logos represent the University’s spider spirit, pride, and unity.

Spider/UR logo
red Spider logo
blue Spider logo

The spider should always appear at the default 15 degree angle and never rotated or turned symmetrically upright.

The Richmond Spiders logos are used by all officially recognized NCAA teams at the University of Richmond.

stacked Spider Athletics wordmark
Spider Athletics wordmark

WebstUR is the University of Richmond’s official mascot. 

WebstUR head logo
WebstUR full body logo
WebstUR wordmark
spirit logo protected area

Protected Area

Nothing may appear within the protected area of any of the spirit logos without approval from University Communications. The protected area is based on half the width of the spider; surrounding all four sides.

minimum size spirit logo

Minimum Size

To ensure proper legibility, no spider should be sized smaller than one half inch wide, and the word “Richmond” should never be sized smaller than one inch.