Shield Logo Usage

Our logos are the most important and recognizable element of our brand’s identity. They represent our organization to the outside world, identifying and unifying our brand. All communications from the University of Richmond must bear the appropriate institutional logo.

protected area

Protected Area

Nothing may appear within the protected area of any official University logo without approval from University Communications. This includes icons, other logos, and names of groups, organizations, events, and programs. The protected area is based on the width of two squares from the logo’s checkerboard; it surrounds the logo on all four sides. This distance is equivalent to 1/3 the width of the logo.

minimum size

Minimum Size

To ensure proper legibility, no UR shield may appear smaller than three quarters of an inch wide and no Richmond shield may appear smaller than one half of an inch wide.

shield with trademark


Logos must always appear with the appropriate trademark symbol.

In Print

For print collateral, a logo must be present on one of the covers. The front cover is preferred if the circumstances allow. If placed on the back, the full name of the University must be spelled out on the front.