Photography plays a critical role in telling our story and sharing the institution’s unique perspective. Whether pulling from our existing library or shooting new images, each image should be composed with care, portraying our people and places with poise and confidence.

Our photographs are categorized into three primary groups: people first, work with purpose, and sense of place. As our image library continues to grow and evolve, organize with this structure in mind to keep our brand cohesive and our workflow more efficient.

People First

Female student outside with notebook.
Faculty Member
Student in Classroom

Work with Purpose

Professor and Student in Lab
Students in Dance Studio
Professor and Students in Classroom

Sense of Place

Cannon Memorial Chapel
International Center
Student Jogging along Westhampton Lake

No matter what we’re capturing in a photo, we want to show our University at its best.

Quality of light is the key difference between bland and beautiful. Let it shape the subject, allowing for a full range of highlights, mid-tones, and shadows. Lighting should feel natural, even when the subject is lit artificially. Each image should be composed with the intent of capturing the essence of the subject, whether it’s a student, a building, or an event.