Authorized Use

University Communications works with our licensing partner and law enforcement agencies to enforce our trademark rights. The University is committed to the protection of the University of Richmond's marks and the reputation they represent. Use of University of Richmond trademarks on merchandise is not permitted without written consent from Collegiate Licensing. Any information regarding possible trademark infringement should be reported to Collegiate Licensing, 804-289-1742.


Use of the University's logos for merchandising purposes must be handled by a licensed vendor. Logo requests for merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) should be directed to Collegiate Licensing.

Student Group Eligibility

To be eligible for a university logo, student groups must be an official extension of a non-academic administrative unit or office. The group also must have a designated university staff member who is responsible for ensuring the completion, quality, and continuation of its work. Examples of eligible groups:

UREMS, as an official extension of University Police
The Spider Board, as an official extension of the Center for Student Involvement