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Striking portraiture is a key component of the UR brand. Though the range of subjects and personalities are diverse, there are a few common denominators that all our portrait photography should strive for:

The light should appear natural and directional, highlighting the face. It should never look flat or harsh.

Whether joyful or serious, each subject should portray confidence and comfort in their own skin.

Dynamic range:
A wide tonal value of mid-tones, highlights, and shadows should be present. Avoid high-key and low-key techniques and refrain from filling in every shadow.

Depth of field:
Whether you’re shooting outdoors or in studio, allow a somewhat shallow depth of field to naturally separate the subject from the background. Maintain sharpness in the facial features.

A three-quarters view of the face is preferred, but straight-on shots and side profiles are permitted. They should be taken at eye level or a slightly lower angle for a more dramatic feel.