Within this brand

lives the essence of our university.

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Together We Will Bring It to Life

We are all stewards of a new Richmond brand that defines a distinct way to tell our story. While the many strategies we employ to showcase our personality continue to evolve, this identity is rooted in what’s already within us — the ambition, confidence, and determination that make us all Spiders.

The resolve and dedication that helped build this platform — and the new elements that help us differentiate our University — are clearly reflected in our process and the communications we create to give voice to our story.

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How We Tell Our Story

This narrative is built on three foundational brand pillars: ambition, curiosity, and determination. These traits highlight the spirit of the community and underscore what makes our University so unique.

Our communications shine a spotlight on these talents. Each expression shares our Spiders’ many achievements and celebrates the noteworthy results of a University working in tandem with its remarkable community.

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Our Brand in Action

Explore the expressions and communications we’ve produced to share the University of Richmond story.

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