President's Message

Photo of President Crutcher


Since my earliest days here, I sensed that our University’s story was remarkably impressive, yet not being fully told. I resolved that we were going to do a better job to increase awareness of Richmond, fine-tune our narrative, and shine a light on our high quality and distinctiveness.

It was within that context that I launched a comprehensive branding effort in which we considered what makes our institution special, what makes us successful, and what makes others take note of our many achievements.

Through a highly participatory effort that engaged representatives from across the University community, we endeavored to develop the tools and framework that would help us to more effectively and persuasively tell the University of Richmond story.

What has emerged from that undertaking is a core set of attributes, characteristics, and brand pillars that describe the University in terms that are authentic and distinctive. Those ideas have been framed and stylized in a highly creative manner that bring our story to life. This new expression informs the work that we are doing to build better awareness of the high quality of the University of Richmond.

In addition to the manner and many ways in which we will now use our branding to build awareness and reputation, it is incumbent upon each of us to be brand ambassadors. I invite you to engage with us in our institutional branding efforts. We have created a number of resources to assist you, including a robust online brand toolkit at

As we say in our brand video, “What happens here has impact everywhere. And it all starts within us.”

We appreciate your support of this important effort.

Signature of Ronald A. Crutcher

Ronald A. Crutcher