Our Story

A brand is important to a university’s identity. It’s more than a simple collection of words and photography; it is the promise we make to ourselves and our audiences. It represents the essence of our institution — the composite of the personality we convey, the message we deliver, and the experience we offer.

Creating a strong, unified personality is more important than ever. Consistent branding in higher education is crucial for increasing awareness, influencing perceptions, attracting the best and brightest, elevating our distinctive story, and communicating our mission to the world. To get it right, we took the time to do the research and develop a sound strategy to craft our story.

We Began with a Mission

Sensing that the Richmond story was remarkably impressive but underrecognized, we set forth a mission — to fine-tune our narrative, increase our awareness, and persuasively tell the University of Richmond story.

We Solidified Where We Stand

This process began by collecting input from those who know our University best — Richmond students, faculty, staff, and leadership. Alumni and external audiences then provided insight into public awareness and perceptions. These learnings informed our positioning and detailed our unique strengths, which helped to construct the three pillars that lead our brand’s creative platform. These pieces came together to set the foundation for our overall creative expression.

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We Crafted a Unique Expression

Our brand expression encompasses what we say and how we say it, presenting a compelling picture for audiences through words, photography, colors, and symbols. At its foundation, our comprehensive creative platform captures the essence of our institution through an overarching narrative and smart design elements.

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