Communications Resources

The Richmond story is one for all Spiders to tell — and this website provides the tools necessary to bring that story to life.
Faculty and staff with a UR email address may download the assets that support our brand on Box.
For details on editorial strategy, voice, and positioning, please visit the Voice & Tone section of this website.
To find information on visual assets (logos, colors, typography) and details around graphic elements and photography, visit our Elements & Guidelines page.
To view completed expressions for guidance or inspiration, please see our Portfolio page.
Show off your #Spiderpride with GIF stickers, social media assets, and wallpaper images from our Digital Swag collection.
Visit the University Communications page, see how we work, and get to know the team behind the brand.

Do you have questions that extend beyond the materials available here?

University Communications is happy to help. We are your partner in bringing this brand to life, with experts available across all facets of these communications. Whether you’re seeking guidance on a project you’re just beginning or you’d like us to review work before it’s distributed, please feel free to send it our way. We also encourage you to send us any completed expressions. You may even find your particularly successful work showcased in our Campus Partners Gallery! To get in touch, simply call us at 804-289-8625 or email us and we will be pleased to provide support. If you email, be sure to include all pertinent details of your case, including communication medium, audience, goals, and any specific questions. Please allow 1–2 business days for a thoughtful response to your inquiry.

University Communications

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University of Richmond, VA 23173
Office hours: Weekdays, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.