Brand Integration

Explore how our story has taken root in channels adjacent to traditional marketing mediums.

Environmental Branding

Campus banner example that says, "Determination rises within us."
Campus banner example that says, "Innovation blooms within us."
Campus banner example that says, "Tenacity builds within us."
Several campus banners along the road.
Single pole with campus banners.
Banners on the outside of Tyler Haynes Commons. One that says, "Richmond" and one with the spider logo.
Two campus banner-ups. One that says, "We are Spider proud" and one that says, "There are spiders everywhere."


Brand Book cover
Brand book spread
Brand Book spread
Spider Insider magazine cover and spread
Spider Insider example spread
2020 President's Report cover and sample spread
University of Richmond cover and two sample spreads.

Robins Society

Robins Society sticker and mailer

UR Here Mailer

UR Here campaign mailer

2020 Donor Calendar

2020 Donor Calendar cover and open example month

Sharp Viewpoint Series

Sharp Viewpoint Series web design on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices