Writing Body Copy

Making your support copy effective and on-brand

Headlines are vital to a distinctive brand voice — but body copy does a lot of the heavy lifting. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re writing that ever-so-crucial supporting text.

Communicate the outcome

When writing body copy, the most important rule for our brand is to pay off the trait that’s within us (which you’ll include in the headline) by telling the reader about the results (or potential results) of it.

Lead with the most important details

It’s a fact that’s sad but true: a majority of your readers probably aren’t going to make it all the way through your copy. In order to make sure they take away the message they’re supposed to, put the key details at the beginning of your text.

Simplicity is key

Unless it’s a multi-page piece, keep your body copy focused on one message, and communicate that message in the simplest terms possible. When you try to do too much, your audience is likely to tune out.

Eliminate the adverbs

Sure, they add a touch of poetry, but they get in the way of a straightforward message.

Break up your text

Use bullet points and paragraphs to make the copy easy to scan, read, and understand.