Unit Logos

For departments, divisions, and offices not within a school, the official logo system comprises the entity’s official name and either a UR or Richmond shield. Please refer to our Primary Logo page for guidelines on selecting the shield most appropriate for your specific use.

Unit logos may be used on merchandise or print materials. However, they may not be used on stationery, websites, or electronic newsletters. University Communications creates and distributes unit logos for each entity. You’ll find examples of these logos and their proper usage below.

Boatwright Memorial Library
Information Services
protected area around logos

Protected Area

Nothing may appear within the protected area of any of the unit logos without approval from University Communications. The protected area is based on the width of three squares from the logo’s checkerboard; it surrounds the logo on all four sides. This distance is equivalent to 3/5 the width of the logo's shield.

minimum size of logos

Minimum Size

To ensure proper legibility, no shield within a unit logo should be sized smaller than one half inch wide.